Departure through the back door at Groningen: The money wasnt really wow either

Remco Balk is very upset that he leaves through the back door at FC Groningen. This week the nineteen year old attacker signed FC Utrecht, after he did not agree on a new contract.

Groningen did Balk two offers, but after the first attempt of technical director Mark-Jan Fledderus, the talented attacker no longer felt trust. โ€œAt the end they had a great offer, but then the trust was no longer good,โ€ he explains to RTV Noord.
โ€œThat wasnt really good if Im honest,โ€ continues Balk about the first proposal that Groningen made in November. โ€œI didnt feel right and missed the trust. It seemed like they didnt really want to keep me here. The money wasnt really wow either, but for example they didnt know if I would join the first selection next season. They never really spoke out a plan to me.โ€
Balk, renamed the Zlatan van Zuidhorn by his friends, got a lot over him when it became known that he was going to leave Groningen. โ€œIt mainly affects my mother, which I find difficult. Fortunately, my friends and family know better, but Im sorry. People now have an opinion in advance, but yes. Apparently, that is so.โ€