Depay supports Wijnaldum during a tough time: ‘Always be in touch with him’

Georginio Wijnaldum has to let the World Cup pass by due to a tibia fracture, and that is very bad for his friend Memphis Depay. The striker tries to support the midfielder where he can with uplifting words.
โ€œIm always in touch with him,โ€ Depay tells the Cceit about his relationship with Wijnaldum. โ€œWhen something like that happens, its really bad. Then, of course, you sympathize, because he is a brother of mine. I see that he is now in good shape with a positive mindset. We all have ups and downs in our lives.โ€
With the last sentence, Depay refers to the serious injury he once suffered. โ€œThats what Ive really had with my serious knee injury. But hes definitely going to come out stronger here. We all wish him the best of luck with that. Were also here to cheer him up by calling him and things like that.โ€ Depay himself had a turbulent transfer summer, but eventually the attacker stayed with his Barcelona club.
Wijnaldum did change clubs. Due to his lack of playing time at Paris Saint-Germain, he left for AS Roma on rent. He entered the lines in a Serie A game, then fate struck during training. Wijnaldum broke his tibia and therefore has to watch the World Cup.

โ€œHes good at it now, with a positive mindsetโ€
โ€” Telesport Football (@televoetbal) September 20, 2022