Deprived Republican parliamentarian from committees

Republican MEP Marjorie Taylor Greene has been voted out of two major parliamentary committees by the House of Commons of the United States Parliament.

The Democrats submitted a bill on Thursday to remove Greene from the committees. 230 delegates, including 11 Republicans, agreed to remove the Member from the State of Georgia, 199 delegates voted against.

Greene is known for the conspiracy theories she regularly disseminates and has called for the killing of fellow parliamentarians and supported such calls from others. The Democrats came up with the bill after the Republicans refused to make a move to punish her. Greene was on a parliamentary committee on the budget of the House of Representatives and on a committee on home education and working at home.

Republican deputy Kevin McCarthy called removing Greene โ€œa partisan seizure of powerโ€ and blamed the Democrats hypocrisy for not reprimanding their own deputies after controversial remarks.

Greene expressed support for the far-right Qanon conspiracy theory last month and repeated Trumps false claim that he would have won the elections on 3 November. It would also have supported calls for leaders of the Democratic Party to be executed in 2018 and 2019.

Greene waived some statements hours before the vote on her removal. โ€œThese were words of the past and they do not represent me or my values,โ€ said Greene. In the speech, Greene removed from Qanon and she distanged from her previous claims that some school shootings and the September 11 attacks would not have taken place.

The harsh, regularly violent rhetoric from the far right corner of the Republican Party has been the subject of heated debate in the United States since the deadly attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6.