Derksen: ‘Attitude Lang was not so accepted by Ajax players. ‘

Johan Derksen thinks that Ajax is scratching behind his ears now that Noa Lang goes like a rocket in Belgium. He is the big man at Club Brugge and is already called the best player in the Belgian competition. The Latest News spoke to Derksen about Lang.

โ€œAt Ajax, the story is that Lang had a lot of competition,โ€ says Derksen. โ€œWhile he had โ€œthe way โ€œover him. The โ€œairtje โ€œof โ€œIm a big boy.โ€ This was not accepted by the players already arrived. You saw, of course, that he was bursting with talent. It was just a matter of time, and it has now become apparent. Now he has ended up in a hot bath in Belgium. In terms of atmosphere, it is a party โ€” much more friendly and cozy than in the Netherlands. I remember that from my time as a journalist when I joined you.โ€
It strikes Derksen that besides Lang, Ruud Vormer, Stefano Denswil and Bas Dost excel in Belgium. He calls it โ€œa mockery.โ€ โ€œIt is laughable that four very useful players play for the Dutch competition in Bruges. We can
t compete with England and Spain, okay? If we are already trumped by Belgium, we have become a Mickey Mouse competition.โ€
โ€œShaper, who doesnt really have anything special right now. Thats just a hard worker. Bas Dost, on the other hand, Feyenoord scores hard, Ajax counted 22 million euros for Haller. I dont know if Bruges pays him an insane salary, but Dost, like Lang, would not be out of place at the top Dutch clubs.โ€