Derksen let Go Ahead Eagles offer run: “It wasnt for me”

Johan Derksen has put aside an offer from Go Ahead Eagles in the past. He was able to become managing director in Deventer, but thanked for the honour.
Derksen, who as a player has a history with Go Ahead, did not see the request coming. Yes, frankly, I was surprised by the call, Derksen reveals in a big interview with the Stentor. But after a nights sleep, I was actually already out. It wasnt for me.
Derksen wasnt just about the ambition, but Go Ahead couldnt compete with the John de Mol CAO, as he calls his contract with Talpa. So it wasnt attractive financially either, says the analyst, who further indicates that he is not suitable for a role as managing director. I say everything in interviews. That only causes turmoil. In addition, if you are ultimately responsible at a club, you cant stand off any more opinionating stories on TV.
If one of your players makes a personal mistake and you lose once, the windows are thrown in with you. I dont feel like that much. Thats why the next morning I told you Im not doing it. And at Eagles, they had all the understanding of that, says Derksen.