Derksen says to his heart: “I did everything I could to get away”

Johan Derksen looks ahead with Veronica Inside, but looked back on the riots of the past months in the first broadcast of the new season. He denounced the fuss that arose on social media, as a result of which even advertisers dropped out and the end of the programme was in sight.

Derksen regularly makes controversial jokes at Veronica Inside and was the head of jut after he made a remark about rapper Akwasi, who did not fall well. “When you say something on TV, there is a group that immediately terrorises you and gives you a label. I’ve already been called a homophobic and racist,” says Derksen at Veronica Inside.
“Arie Boomsma and Sunny Bergman (TV presenter and documentary filmmaker, ed.) approached advertisers not to get involved with us. I find it strange that they let their ears hang out to nobody Arie Boomsma. It is incomprehensible. They are able to cause a great media riot, especially on social media. The whole of the Netherlands threatened to panic, except me, because I was the focal point. I didn’t lie awake for a moment.”
After the fuss surrounding Derksen’s remark about Akwasi, Veronica Inside’s latest broadcast was completely dominated by racism, which was also attended by former footballer Dries Boussatta and lawyer Natacha Harlequin. Derksen questioned the role of presenter Wilfred Genee.
“The joke of mine was apparently worse than what Akwasi was roaring out of (Akwasi said on De Dam that he would ‘kick the shit out of a black Pete’, should he come across one, ed.). I was disappointed that you (Genee, ed.) were going to please the other side. I interpreted that as a kind of betrayal”
There was a riot and it seemed that the Veronica Inside programme would come to an end. “John de Mol (owner of Talpa, ed.) had very good arguments to keep me here”, says Derksen, referring to his contract. “I did everything I could to leave. I proposed to continue with Hรฉlรจne Hendriks, but that was not negotiable, and I also proposed to put Wim Kieft in my place. I found this programme a bit unbelievable and thought that as a presenter you betrayed this format”, says Derksen about Genee. The argument has now been settled.