Dessers also convinces at Genk: ‘He confirms positive stories that I heard ‘

At KRC Genk, they are very satisfied with Cyriel Dessers. Trainer Wouter Vrancken is impressed by the striker, who became an important force at Feyenoord last season.
Genk played a friendly match against FC Utrecht on Wednesday. The Belgians won 1-2 and Dessers competed for half an hour. In conversation with Het Laatste Nieuws, a positive Vrancken talks about the former Feyenoorder. โ€œHe got in here the right way. Cyriel is Cyriel. He confirms the positive stories Ive heard about him. In terms of mentality, you will have no problems with him.โ€
Vrancken hopes that he will also be able to dispose of Dessers after the transfer window. โ€œClearly, I hope he stays. I haven
t talked to him specifically about the future yet, but the intention is to do that today or tomorrow.โ€
Until last month, Dessers was the topic of discussion in the Netherlands. The Nigerian international had a major contribution to Feyenoords special Conference League campaign. The Rotterdammers wanted to permanently commit him after a rental period, but the club did not have the financial resources to do so. As a result, Dessers said goodbye to Feyenoord with pain in his heart.