Destiny 2: Beyond Light leads the fresh Steam chart, with Phasmophobia only at number 5

The leader of the fresh Steam charts, the games in which are ordered by revenue for the week, was Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the expanded edition. At the same time, the expansion has three positions in the top 10: the second place is the expansion with one season, the seventh position is just an addendum. In the three most successful projects there are alsoValve Index VR Kit, followed by pre-orders Football Manager 2021.

Co-operative horror Phasmophobia, at number one for four consecutive weeks, has now slipped to fifth place. And the once-leader, multiplayer Among Us, is now in eighth position.

Closes Top Ten Pre-Orders Cyberpunk 2077 and FIFA 21. Chart November 9-15 Destiny 2: Beyond Light (Extended Edition)โ€ Destiny 2: Beyond Light + Valve Index VR Kit season Football Manager 2021 (pre-orders) Phasmophobia Sea of Thieves Destiny 2: Beyond Light Among Us Cyberpunk 2077 (pre-orders) FIFA 21.

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