Destiny 2 dungeons from The Witch Queen will have to pay extra for the Destiny 2 dungeons

As it turns out, new dungeons in Destiny 2 will require an additional fee for players โ€” they will only be available in the deluxe version of The Witch Queen. The expanded edition will include the supplement itself, four seasons for next year, and two dungeons. But the standard version will not have these two dungeons โ€” players will have to buy them separately or pay extra to upgrade their version of the game.

At the same time, there are no plans to include dungeons in season passes. Earlier, Bungie announced that a special edition will be released for the game for the studios 30th anniversary with a third dungeon that wont be included in the season passes either.

In other words, those wishing to access all the new dungeons will need to buy not only the extended version of The Witch Queen, but also this 30th Anniversary Bundle extra edition. The PC kit currently costs 4,199 rubles on Steam, 6999 rubles in the PS Store and $100 on the Microsoft Store.

A similar decision was met extremely negatively by users, slamming Bungie and drowning out a studio representatives post on Reddit in the cons. Whether such a reaction will help is not clear yet.

The expansion itself is slated for release on February 22. More on Gamemania Resident Evil 4 VR really removed the vulgarous dialogues and hints Vampyr got an update adding 1440p at 60 FPS on Xbox Series and PS5 Matrix: Resurrectionโ€ received an age rating of R.