Destiny 2 players are ingood from the transmog system – grind or money?

Recently, Bungie presented the long-awaited transmogrification system, which was requested since the launch of the original Destiny in 2014. However, monetization has come under extensive criticism. In short, the system is as follows: for destroying enemies Guardians receive sint fibers – for 150 units they can get a contract from Ady-1 in the Tower on getting sint threads, which on the loom can then be converted into synth-weaving.

It sounds too confusing, but the main problems start with limitations — in one season Players can earn free of charge only by changing 10 items of equipment or 2 complete sets of armor. In the debut season with the system – on 20 elements or 4 complete sets.

In addition, change the appearance of exotic armor will not be allowed, as it can affect the balance — in & laquo; Maid by equipment you can understand what perks the opponent has. If desired, the whole grind can be bypassed through the Everwoers store – to change the full set of armor will leave 5 synth-braided, which will cost 1000 silver coins (719 rubles).

One wicker can be taken for 300 coins (about 250 rubles). Players are expected to be unhappy with the system – first of all, for the extraction of wicker it is necessary to perform two more stages, within the framework of which two other currencies must be earned.

The community believes Bungie has specifically made the system so wise as to push for outright purchase. As noted in social networks, the entire blog of developers reads as if it would be made up by some fan – how Bungie could spoil everything with the introduction of the system changes in the appearance of the armor.

All this time I said Bungie screwed up with transmog, but they managed to get so screwed up that even I didnt expect. I dont know if Im disappointed or impressed.

Some believe that at least instead of fiber it was possible to use brilliance – in the game itself, he performs the same task. But no, developers wanted to introduce several more types of resources.

The system could easily have been optimized to one new currency and two steps: waste gloss on contracts to earn braided or spend silver on weaving. The system is so massively criticized that it will be surprising if Bungie does not start making changes to it under the nestle of complaints.

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