Destiny 2: Queen Witch, Aliens Fireteam Elite, Psychonauts 2 โ€” on Steam chart

At the top of Steams fresh chart, where games are ordered by revenue for the week, are set pre-orders of the โ€œQueen Witchโ€ expansion for Destiny 2 bundled for Bungie. Supplement will be out 22 February 2022, and more about it on Tuesday. By the way, Desiny 2 is also at the last top 10 โ€” this is the โ€œLegendary Editionโ€, which can be bought at 50% off within the next couple of days.

place to two novelties of the week: the ambiguous Aliens: Fireteam Elite and the critically acclaimed Psychonauts 2 (our review), which began to be underrated due to lack of Russian localization. Earlier leading Humankind is now only at number five, overtaking Battlefield V, which is sold at 90% off until September 8, as well as Cyberpunk 2077 and third โ€œThe Witcherโ€ in & laquo; Game of the Yearโ€ โ€” CD Projekt games are also on discounts on Steam.

Charts from 23 to 29 August Deluxe Edition Destiny 2: Queen Witch + set for 30th anniversary Bungie (pre-orders) Aliens: Fireteam Elite ( new) Naraka: Bladepoint Psychonauts 2 (novelty) Humankind Battlefield V Valve Index VR Kit Cyberpunk 2077 โ€œThe Witcher 3: Wild Huntโ€ in โ€œGame of the Yearโ€ edition Destiny 2: Legendary Publishing. Charts from 16 to 22 AugustMore on Gomania Psychonauts 2 authors dont have a budget to add support for new languages Microsoft Marketer: Dont name your kids Xbox Game Pass Norman Reedus: Talks under way to create Death Stranding 2.