‘Details on Ajax-move Mountain wine: Spurs still wants small bonuses and new player’

More and more details are coming out about Steven Bergwijns upcoming move to Ajax. The Algemeen Dagblad reports that Tottenham Hotspur prefers to present a new player himself, before the deal with Ajax is finalized. Spurs also wants to receive a small variable allowance, in addition to the transfer fee of around 25 million euros.
It is well known that the transfer from Bergwijn to Ajax is closer than ever. Broadly speaking, Ajax and Tottenham are in agreement: the English team will receive just under 25 million euros from Ajax. Spurs also wants to include a small sum of bonuses in the deal.
So Tottenham also hopes to bring in a new player before it lets Mountain Wine leave permanently. The number four of the Premier League is strongly linked to Richarlison, who was still very close to switching to Ajax five years ago.
Nevertheless, the transfer of Bergwijn is expected to be made known to the world soon. In general, the Amsterdammers already agree personally with the attacker himself. It is not yet entirely clear what the salary of the Orange-international will be at Ajax, but Bergwijn will undoubtedly become one of the big earners.