Detroit: Become Human sales on PS4 and PC surpass 6m copies

Developers from French studio Quantic Dream shared the success of their latest creation โ€” interactive adventure Detroit: Become Human. It has been revealed that general sales games on PlayStation 4 and PC now exceed 6 million copies โ€” and thats just as many โ€œthank you! โ€ slates developers to players. Just under a year ago, in early August 2020, the sales figure was a million small.

Recall, initially Detroit: Become Human went on PS4 in May 2018, and a year and a half later, in December 2019 , got to pc. were proud of @Quantic_Dream) July 21, 2021More on Gomania In The Witcher Release Trailer: Monster Slayer Roach Became Bike Fresh Ghost of Trailer Tsushima dedicated to Iki Island from Amazons New World DLC becomes surprise hit on Steam.