Developers and publishers congratulate Happy New Year and Christmas

The most long-awaited and beloved by many winter holidays are approaching: New Year and Christmas. And according to tradition, all those who during the year gave us fascinating adventures, dangerous trials or at least hope, issue their own holiday cards. We collect everything that developers and publishers publish and send us, and show in the largest general material.

This news will be updated and updated, so do not forget to keep an eye on it!CD Projekt did not worry players with cyberpunk realities and resorted to a win-win theme: Geralt Saves Santa ClausThe creators of Days Gone presented another way to use a motorcycle HeroCapcom dressed up in the festive decoration of the heroes remake Resident Evil 3Sony hung recognizable Christmas tree toyIn the fireplace Bethesda you can find references to a variety of games publishing authors series Kings Bounty winter holidays turned out to be completely traditional. Well, almost!Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas from Everyone at Ninja Theory! pic.

twitter. com/upql1YTF2xโ€” Ninja Theory is Hiring! (#ESO pic.

twitter. com/F1MJ43USGQโ€” Bethesda Russia (@devolverdigital) December 25, 2020And here are the main drivers of the Survivalists survival โ€” monkeys, which can be adapted to production processes!Little Nightmares 2 has not yet come out, but its heroes are already preparing to meet โ„๏ธโœจ Happy Holidays from the Neverwinter Team! May this Simril season be a good one for you and ours. โœจโ„๏ธ pic.

twitter. com/8gruujbauvโ€” Neverwinter (@PlayOverwatch) December 25, 2020Dont like snowmen zombies? Here is more traditional, blinded its authors The Sexy BrutalesPike Chunsoft recalls the decade of its series DanganRonPaThe most difficult thing is SEGA: for 60 years created and released so much that not be able to be on one postcardRoadroad adventure Season only recently announced, but the game has already been put on notice by many Rocket League did not even have to stress to convey the picture winter holidaysThe World Oddworld reminders: in 2021 we are waiting for SoulStormkonami โ€” one of the few that in the run-up to the holidays first of all remembered about health and SecurityThe Grindstone is here for a reason: recently CAPY released a game on Nintendo SwitchDead by Daylight this year came out on Android and iOSIn the mad world of Creaks is easy to imagine and such an eventWinter is not a reason to throw a skateboard, sure the authors of the remaster Tony Hawks Pro SkaterKeep on your shoulders Christmas decoration is not as hard as the globe, but much more responsible! Congratulations to the authors Civilization VIV Have you managed to pick up Torchlight 2 on a free giveaway? Then you can prepare for the exit of Torchlight 3!Studio Fatshark toholidays decorated its logo, you can see from Warhammer 40,000: Darktide show so far uncongratulations London Studio, authors Blood & Truth, came out very laconic, we have no doubt, that many gamers will meet the New Year right in Fortnite!Heroes of WWE 2K Battlegrounds is easy to learn even in snowy Shared, in 2021 we are hopefully waiting for a meeting with Horizon Forbidden West!Steel Wool Studios is known for Five Nights at Freddys: Help Wanted, but nothing terrible in the scent of varoda NetAirship Syndicate is working on a debut game, Ruined King: A League of Legends StoryPublishing House Raw Fury ended the year with an unusual step: publishing templates of all its contracts and agreements The hero of the adventure Moss is easy to learn with the back Counterplay Games all &It didnt work out very well with Godfall, but the studio promises everything to fix the world of Path of Exile is harsh and gloomy, but who said there can be no holidays in it?The heroine of Kena: Bridge of Spirits and her team of tiny spirits No, its not a hockey player, its a Madden NFL 21 hero!Publishing house Chucklefish recalled that besides Stardew Valley it has Starbound, Wargroove and Risk of RainC winter holidays Activision fits with all seriousPGA Tour – the most famous game series dedicated to professional golf The most famous game of publishing house Private Division still remains Kerbal Space Program, work on Arma andDayZ undoubtedly overlays soldering on the features of strategic planning!This year SMITE celebrated its eight-year anniversary, and five years ago it was played by 10 millionJett: The Far Shore will call us on an interstellar expedition in 2021.

Cuphead is not hard to know, really, right?Fans of Remnant: From the Ashes can already get acquainted with the prequel, Chronos: Before the Ashesrhythm game Fuser, by the way, goes great with the holidays!The company My. games has prepared for New Years fun Zalikhvat harness.

And a bunch of gifts!Fall Guys became one of the unexpected sensations of 2020, who are holidays, and in War Thunder the work boils: gifts themselves do not get to get to get to the New Year! This beast โ€” from the Finji logo Even on the New Years card FIFA 21 does not retreat from the official styleBandicoot named Crash suddenly returned to us in Crash Bandicoot 4: Its About Time and Christmas again in the style of Resident Evil, this time – with a bias to the future, VillageHeroes Worms Rumble represent not needsHeroes Outriders both can and celebrate. The cooperative shooter should be released on February 2, 2021, Bethesda reminds: in her merchandise store in bulk souvenirs for all the companys games!Freebird Games is familiar in its lyrical games, and soon it will release also ComicsSweet warrior from Neon Abyss is sure that her and without a signature everyone will recognize Heroes Life is Strange incredibly cute when Their nothingSega brought together the heroes of Mega Drive & Genesis ClassicsYou can not explain which game is dedicated to this stalker postcard This year Dontnod released two games, and   Tell Me Why metseems to be warmer than Twin MirrorFinally, completes our New Year Gallery Publishing House Team 17.