Developers showed the gameplay Starship Troopers – Terran Command

In late 2019, Studio The Artistocrats and publishing house Slitherine announced Starship Troopers โ€” Terran Command game based on Paul Verhoevens film โ€œStar Troopersโ€. It was planned to be released on Steam in 2020, but these plans did not material. Now the creators presented the gameplay Starship Troopers – Terran Command.

They did this in a special live broadcast. In addition, showed a shortened record of one of the game missions: an ambush in the canyon.

Starship Troopers players will go to war with arachnids as part of mobile infantry units. And the beginning of the game will learn everyone familiar with the film: we will take part in the infamous attack on Klendatu, when the enemy exerts unexpectedly strong resistance and the army has to retreat to the harsh desert planet Kvalasha.

As you progress through the story campaign, players who have started the game in the rank of platoon commander of recruits who have just been trained will be able to advance to a severe veteran, commander of elite troops. Exit Starship Troopers โ€” Terran Command should in the second quarter of 2021.

So far, only the RS-release has been confirmed. More on Gambling Survival Simulator Valheim came into early access Role-playing game Cris Tales is released in July Dear Villagers will publish a two-stick bagel Revita.