Devil May Cry 5 is cheap on Steam, and at a discount it costs only 659 rubles

Devil May Cry 5 cheapened on Steam. The permanent price tag is reduced to 999 roubles for a simple edition and to 1339 rubles for Deluxe. Previously, the DMC V was asked for 1499 and 2085 roubles correspond.

Steam also hosts a sellout of Devil May Cry series games. Discounts are valid until September 15.

Devil May Cry 5 โ€” 659 rubles; DeLuxe Edition Devil May Cry 5 โ€” 1004 rubles; Devil May Cry HD Collection โ€” 659 rub; Devil May Cry Special Edition โ€” 399 rubles; DmC : Devil May Cry โ€” 249 rub; Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition โ€” 699 rub. More on the Games TES IV: Oblivion with 200 mods in 4K may look better TES V: Skyrim Digital Foundry expert examined updated PS5 and found no problems Microsoft Flight Simulator added runs from Mario Kart 8.