Devilish sound from beautiful box

Who is still listening to radio? By real radio, I mean. Smart speakers, mobile bluetooth devices with apps linked to a high-quality JBL speaker or Sony soundbar. Or, for example, a set of good sounding Sonos speakers with (again) an app. The choice is huge and the quality high for the music lover.

Still, I am back to square one. A real radio. One of those with rotary and push buttons and a simple operation and antenna, but also with a handy app and even a remote control. But more importantly: superior sound.

At the internet brand Teufel from Berlin you won‘t find plastic so easily, but solid materials and partly because of that a beautiful sound that is thrown 360 degrees around the room. Of all the speakers that I have seen pass by, the 3sixty is at the top of the list.

Radio has been on the market for some time. The previous model did not yet have an app and Amazon Music, but was already above ground level. Initially there were still complaints about the loud bass sound, but a software update (that’s easy to do with all those online connected devices) quickly solved that problem. The new 3sixty raises the bar a lot higher again.


Installation (linking to your wifi) can be done via the app or with the buttons. With the app, you can fully control the radio and also easily define preset stations. If you don‘t like an app, it’s just as easy using the buttons on the front.

The radio is equipped with a small and handy dimmable screen on which the various sources can be selected. Thousands of radio stations can be reached via internet, DAB+ and FM reception. In addition, you can just as easily conjure up music from Spotify, Amazon Music or from a USB stick or your own network from the 3sixty. There is a memory for thirty radio stations and an alarm clock with two functions.

The 3Sixty can also function as a power bank and has an AUX input for an external source. So there was plenty of choice and also great ease of use. App, remote control or just get up for an old-fashioned moment.


Formidable sound. Manual and app operation comfortable. Remote control.


But Amazon Alexa, no Google Assistant.


โ‚ฌ 299