Devolver Digital Conference at E3 2021 โ€” what did you show?

Devolver Digital hosted its online show at E3 2021 โ€” collected announcements and trailers from the event in this note. By the way, the show itself can be viewed just below. The announcements gathered under this video.

Started the show with the fresh gameplay trailer Shadow Warrior 3. The action will be released this year โ€” no exact release date has been named.

Introduced Trailer for Japanese Warrior Trek to Yom, which will be released in 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Pc. This is a 2.

5D action platformer from Flying Wild Hog โ€” the creators Shadow Warrior. The adventure Phantom Abyss will appear on Steam‘s early access June.

The debut trailer of Wizard with a Gun, which will be released on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2022. This is co-operative survivor in a magical world full of dangerous creatures and mysteries.

Players are waiting for Kraft, Research, Collecting, a bunch of weapons and not only. Death Work at Death’s Door will begin on July 20 on Xbox Series, Xbox One and Pc.

Collecting souls of dead from ringing to call &mdash ; grey weekdays of any crow making a living by honest labor. However, the work can play with new colors when the soul assigned to you is kidnapped and the desperate thief has lurked in the edges of death.

Inscryption‘s debut trailer is a card bagel with Jigsaw puzzles and horror elements. This year, iOS and Android will release the free Devolver Tumble Time conditionโ€”the faint-hearted trailer don’t watch! For those who miss retro, introduced Demon Throttle, which will be released in 2022 on the Nintendo Switch.

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