Di María is back under wraps: Juventus pays 1.3 million to agents

It has been a while, but now it is final: Ángel Di María is going to work at Juventus. The Argentine comes across transfer-free from Paris Saint-Germain, where he left after seven years.
Di María and Juventus had been negotiating with each other for a long time. Now the transition from the 122-time international is official, reports De Oude Dame via the club channels. Di María signed a one-year contract in Turin. Juve focused on a longer partnership, but ultimately agreed to the wish of the right winger.
Juventus also announces what Di María‘s agents earn from the transfer: they receive 1.3 million euros in commission. At his new club, Di María will play with number 22. At PSG, the left-footed player played with 11, and it is reported that FC Barcelona also interfered with the fight for Di María for a while, but the Catalans couldn’t get through.

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