DI-RECT highest new entry in Top 2000

Not entirely unexpected, but finally finally final: DI-RECT is with Soldier on the twelfth place the highest new entry

in the Top 2000. artist honors. Last year the prize went to Danny Vera, who came in fifth place with Roller coaster and thus even leads the list this year.

The top 10 of this years list was already known. On Thursday the full Summit 2000 was unveiled in De Wild in the afternoon. As usual, a number of things stand out.

In addition to DI-RECT with Soldier on, Miss Montreal also makes a spectacular entrance with Door de Wind. She occupies 29th place. Among the five highest entrants are The Weeknd with Blinding lights, Nothing But Thieves with Impossible and Maan with She cries but she laughs, on the 356th spot.

Biggest jump

on Wednesday, this newspaper announced that Kensington is making the biggest leap upwards with Uncharted: the song rises from 1722 to 87, and among the biggest riders are Remember us this way by Lady Gaga and Phantom of the opera by Floor Jansen and Henk Gate.

Deceased celebrities

As in earlier editions, the deceased celebrities have influenced the voting behaviour. For example, odds of Bill Withers and (Eddie) Van Halen rise. The death of Maradona caused Opus to return to the list of Live is life after ten years of absence, on which the Argentine star footballer performed his legendary warm-up when he competed with his club Napoli in Munich in 1989.

The coronavirus has had less effect. Heroes of David Bowie, which was pushed forward during the voting week as a symbolic thank you for all the extra efforts in care, rose to the tenth place. But in itself the song was already high on the 27th spot last year.

As last year Queen is once again a court supplier: the British are on the list no less than 34 times.

The Beatles still do thirty songs well, just like The Rolling Stones with 24, the most frequently listed Dutch artist is – not for the first time – BLร˜F.

The broadcast of the Summit 2000 starts a little earlier than usual this year, on the night of 24 to 25 December, just before midnight on NPO Radio 2.