Diablo Immortal on mobile brings Blizzard $49 million in its first month

According to MobileGamer. biz, citing AppMagic data, more than 10 million players downloaded Diablo Immortal on mobile devices alone in a month after the release of Diablo Immortal. During this time, the game on the platforms has brought Blizzard $49 million.

AppMagic reports developer revenue, and does not include a 30% tax on Apple and Google. Because of this, the total revenue from Diablo Immortal is even higher.

The download schedule shows that Diablo Immortal peaked on the third day, June 4. At that time, 1.

3 million people downloaded it during the day. The total number of mobile downloads was 6.

85 million by the end of the first week. Taking into account PCs, this figure was 10 million at that time.

In terms of revenue, spending peaked on June 11, when Blizzard earned $2. 4 million on mobile phones in a day.

And total revenues for the first month are higher than all recent mobile projects. For example, Apex Legends Mobile brought EA $11.

6 million in the first month, while it was downloaded 21. 8 million times.

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