Diablo Immortal rescheduled for first half of 2022

Mobile Diablo Immortal were scheduled to release before the end of this year, but Blizzard has now announced that the game will be released only sometime in the first half of 2022-. After testing the project, developers decided to significantly improve the various elements of the game โ€” and it was the desire to make Immortal better that prompted them to postpone the toy. But these changes and additional gameplay improvements will not succeed release according to the previously published schedule for 2021.

Therefore, the game is now scheduled for release in the first half of 2022, allowing us to significantly improve all aspects of it. Recall, Diablo Immortal is being created for iOS and Android.

And at the end of May, we shared our impressions of the games alpha version: โ€œIt cant be called a failure and much less cheap, but for whom the developers are trying so hard is a mystery. โ€ Gaming Leak: Battlefield 2042 Far Cry 5 pre-system requirements will be available for free from August 5-9 Tencent wants to buy 1C Entertainment, developer of Kings Bounty 2.