‘Diallo arrested again for attacking Hamraoui due to extreme search history’

Paris Saint-Germain player Kheira Hamraoui reacted to her bizarre abuse last November for the first time on Saturday. A day earlier, her former teammate Aminata Diallo was arrested again.
I will never forget that night in November, Hamraoui writes on Twitter. It haunts me day and night. That dark night that turned my life as a woman and a soccer player upside down. On that sad night, I thought I was going to die when two masked men dragged me out of the car and beat me with iron bars. Their goal was simple: break my legs and end my career.
The 32-year-old midfielder suffered serious injuries. Diallo and her boyfriend were soon arrested, but the two denied having anything to do with the assault and were released again. At the time, the two were competitors with both PSG and the French national team. This summer, Diallos contract was torn apart.

— Kheira Hamraoui (@kheirahamraoui) September 17, 2022

LÉquipe now comes with new revelations from the investigation, as a result of which Diallo has been arrested again by the French police. A few days before the attack on Hamraoui, her search history would have included terms such as a cocktail of dangerous drugs and breaking a kneecap. On November 4, Hamraoui was pulled out of a car, while Diallo was allegedly behind the wheel. Together with another teammate, Sakina Karchaoui, they returned from a party at PSG.
Things went wrong after Karchaoui was dropped off at home and Diallo would have slowed down. The masked men forced the car to stop and worked Hamraouis legs. According to Le Parisien, the robbers received a call from an intermediary very shortly after the incident, informing them that they had failed to break the victims legs. As a result, all four perpetrators would be sure that Diallo is their client.
By the way, Hamraoui was expelled from PSGs selection in April after an altercation with a few teammates. She hasnt returned since. As a result, she also lost her place in the French team. She speaks of one of the most difficult periods of her life. For months, Ive been unfairly insulted on the field, harassed via social media, and threatened with death. Today, I trust the legal system to find the truth and clear my name.