Diamond fever leads to find second giant stone

Botswana miners have found a diamond of around 235 grams or 1174 carats, the third largest ever known. Previously, miners received a 1098 large carat diamond above the ground.

The latest gem, owned by operator and diamond company Lucara, was found in the Karowe mine in Botswana, some distance from the first find of a bright stone from supplier Debswana. That‘s the world’s largest diamond producer, it owns four diamond mines.

According to local media, much smaller diamonds have been found. It is the third stone of more than 1000 carats from the area, where miners have increased operations again after immense finds.

According to Naseem Lahri, director of Lucara Botswana, the find is โ€œhistoryโ€, โ€œfor us and Botswana.โ€ The stone was handed over to the President of Botswana. Many diamonds disappear to India for machining.

Success Asscher

These two diamonds still stand in the shadow of the biggest, the Cullinan, the 3106 carat gemstone. Dutch diamond Joseph Assher worked the stone mined in South Africa in 1905 from the Premiermine in Cullinan in Gauteng.

In 1907 he split this stone with his own developed instruments in the Amsterdam Pijp with a single blow. All parts were usable.

The nine large and 96 small diamonds are incorporated into the British crown jewels. Part of it was sent from Amsterdam to London by postal package.