Diana Rigg died, the one and only official Mrs. Bond

The British actress Diana Rigg has died. She became world famous in the 1960s for her role of Emma Peel in the TV series The Avengers. In 1969 she was the only Bondgirl secret agent to hook up with 007 and became the first official Mrs. Bond.

In 2013 she first appeared in the series Game of Thrones as Lady Olenna Tyrell, Margaery Tyrells manipulative grandmother. With this role she won two awards and was nominated three times for an Emmy Award.

Diana Rigg died of cancer. She turned 82.

The Breakthrough

Dozens of actresses had already auditioned in 1965 for the new season of the popular British crime series De Wrekers (The Avengers) and someone had even been chosen. But the makers were not satisfied after the first two episodes and suddenly there was Diana Rigg, until then a relatively unknown actress.

She had never seen the series before, but immediately had a click with that other protagonist, Patrick MacNee alias John Steed. In total they made 51 episodes. The series was a hit in many countries, including the Netherlands.

Because De Wrekers was also sold to America, Diana Rigg became world famous. And a sex symbol, from one day to the next. She didnt like that, she distanced herself from her role later on.

The name is Bond, Mrs. Bond

He didnt give in just like that, the eternal bachelor and wife devourer James Bond, but in the film On her Majestys secret service he did. After Countess Teresa di Vicenzo has taken him out of trouble, he asks her to marry him.

After the wedding they ride into a carefree future at the end of the film, but (spoiler alert) Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld thinks very differently. In a firefight Teresa is killed and the film ends with a grieving 007.

It was Diana Rigg who played the one and only Mrs. Bond. In You only live Twice Bond was married as well, but that was a cover and didnt count.

Game of Thrones

Rigg continued to make films and was also active on stage. Slowly but surely she threatened to be forgotten, until suddenly she was the role in Game of Thrones, as Lady Olenna Tyrell (The Queen of Thorns). In 2017, her character disappeared from the series. In 2019, she caused a stir by declaring that she had never seen an episode of the series.

Diana Rigg was married and divorced twice. Her daughter is the actress Rachael Stirling.