Dibel in Chamber about ‘coronagriep’ FVD leader Baudet and ignore rules

In the House of Representatives there is displeasure about MPs and employees of Forum voor Democracy (FvD) who would jeopardize the health of the MPs. The board of the House of Representatives received complaints about FVDers who do not wear a mouthcap in the Chamber building and do not keep one and a half meters away.

There are also questions about the state of health of Forum leader Baudet. Four weeks ago, he was in bed sick, but he didnt get tested. Today, at the questions of journalists, he says: โ€œIt could have been the coronar bar or an influenza group or the rhinovirus.โ€


The theme of corona and Forum for Democracy was discussed twice in debates unexpectedly. This afternoon in the debate on the progress of the formation, Baudet had to interrupt his story for a conversation with President Bergkamp. Then Baudet returned to the platform and said, โ€œAs far as I know, I dont have a coronaโ€


Bergkamp said that she had received โ€œmessages from a number of membersโ€ who were worried.

Look here at Baudets flu state:

Four weeks ago, Baudet was absent for a week in the House of Representatives. An appointment on Wednesday 21 April with Informer Tjeenk Willink was turned into a telephone call and on Twitter it soon became rumored that Baudet had corona.

Last weekend The Post Online wrote that several MPs of Forum felt โ€œunwellโ€ after a wine tasting session on April 15 in the Chamber building. Next to Baudet, MPs were named Jansen and Ephraim.

This wine tasting was the reason for D66-MP Paternotte in the debate tonight to express his resentment at Forum employees and MPs who walk around without mouthcaps and get too close to Chamber staff. He made an urgent appeal to the party to abide by the coronare rules.

โ€œ If you have no symptoms, you can still spread it,โ€ says a visibly annoyed Paternotte.


Baudet and Van Haga do not think they put the staff of the House of Representatives at risk, because FVDers have to stay at home if they are ill. Baudet did not, he says, walk around the Chamber with a snot-nose, cough or elevation.

Van Haga says it is not the intention to ignore the other half meter rule. โ€œWe dont wear mouthcaps, but for the rest, we stick to them.โ€ He also apologized for the pat of his party leader on the shoulder of D66-MP Paternotte. According to Van Haga, the pat on the back had happened in a โ€œfriendly momentโ€. โ€œI imagine Mr. Paternotte finds it inappropriate.โ€

Soon the leadership of the House of Representatives will have a conversation with the group board of Forum for Democracy about the complaints received.

Look here at Baudets reaction afterwards: