DICE LA renamed Ripple Effect

EA announced the long-awaited renaming of DICE LA, which was led by Respawn founder Vince Zampella a year and a half ago. The studio will now be called Ripple Effect. The company was established in 2013 on the wreck of Danger Close (Medal of Honor).

She supported Swedish DICE games, including helping with Battlefield 4 after its release. The team is now engaged in the unique Battlefield 2042 mode, and will then switch to their debut project.

โ€œThe studio already has an impressive track record and intends to create new serious and high-quality projects. We have a wonderful new office in Los Angeles and open vacancies for remote employees โ€” this is a great moment to think about the opportunity to start working with us! โ€ DICE LA mode for the new Battlefield, by the way, will be introduced very soon โ€” July 22 on EA Play Live.

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