Dick Lawyer: this wasnt best from Feyenoord

Feyenoord received many compliments on Sunday for the way of playing in the 1-0 lost away match against Ajax. In the cup duel with Heracles Almelo (3-2 win) the Rotterdammers failed to reach that level three days later.

โ€œ The first half was very moderate, the second half a little better. No, this wasnt one of our best games. Then I am still very careful,โ€ said Feyenoord trainer Dick Lawyer to ESPN.

โ€œ The expectations were good after the match against Ajax. Then you can see that Heracles plays with six other and mostly younger players. That doesnt help in terms of motivation, but it should not be an excuse.โ€

Feyenoord started with Lucas Pratto in the rush hour. The Argentine was replaced halfway by Bryan Linssen, who soon scored. Lawyer: โ€œPratto needs balls. He didnt get it. Then you have little use to him, and you have to get him out.โ€