Dick Schreuder stays at PEC Zwolle despite ‘excellent offer’ Fortuna Sittzard

Fortuna Sitpard polled Dick Schreuder to succeed Sjors Ultee. The 51-year-old Barnevelder would have thanked for the offer and stay at PEC Zwolle.
After Ultee‘s resignation, several names were reviewed at Fortuna. Phillip Cocu was named, as was Briton Sean Dyche, who had to leave Burnley after ten seasons.
Behind the scenes, however, Fortuna focused on the arrival of Schreuder. It is reported that the club made him an ‘
excellent offer‘, but despite this, Schreuder remains at his post in Zwolle, several sources report. Fortuna hopes to have a new trainer in front of the group as soon as possible. Until then, interim trainer Jeroen Schepens (29) observes the honors in Sittard-based.
โ€œWe have thrown out the first lines. You hope it goes fairly fast, especially after such a hectic week,โ€ said technical manager Sjoerd Ars at ESPN this weekend. โ€œOf course, care goes for speed. No, it will not be a Turkish trainer. We set up a profile. It’
s not like we‘re going to get a big name because it’s a big name. The first option we are working on may not be a very big name, but it fits within the profile.โ€