Did Digital Foundry test DIRT 5 on Xbox Series X โ€” 4K or 120 FPS?

Digital Foundry, following the rest of the journalists, shared the first impressions of DIRT 5 on Xbox Series X โ€” this is the first game for the new console that the media gave to try. In the beginning, Thomas Morgan pays a lot of attention to how much the race has become more โ€œdynamicโ€, largely due to the use of Onrushs work and technology. Physics of machines, changing surfaces like detailed snow deformation or correct puddles after rain and so far away.

All this beauty is available to Xbox Series X owners in three graphics Modes: Quality โ€” dynamic 4K with rare drops up to 1872p at 60 FPS Performance โ€” dynamic 4K with rare drops up to 1872p at 60 FPS, less detailed shadows, less rostrum occupancy and reduced texture filtering 120 Hz โ€” dynamic 1440p at 120 FPS. The shadows are even lower quality, and the stands are quite empty.

In general graphically all modes are similar. The first clips with 120 FPS in other media looked unnerving, but everything is much better in Digital Foundry material โ€” perhaps DF much better captures the original footages or they were given more fresh build of the project.

120 Hz and โ€œpictureโ€ mode at playback speed 0. 5The game generally works well in all modes: โ€œqualityโ€ and โ€œperformanceโ€ are very similar between while โ€œ120 Hzโ€ has rare drops up to 90 frames, but due to variable frequency support and generally high FPS, this is invisible to the user.

Graphically, the main difference between 4K modes and 120 Hz-mode is resolution, but the latter seems to have more than completely empty stands. Codemasters already note that DIRT 5 is still in development, and the team labors to optimize the race.

Digital Foundry specialists are looking forward to the release to compare the game between all platforms. DIRT 5 is released on November 6 on PS4, Xbox One and RS, and on November 10 on the Xbox Series.

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