‘Did say strong things about Bosz, but in conversation for hours and quarters’

Bruno Génésio has returned to his statements about Peter Bosz. The former trainer of Olympique Lyon criticized the Dutchman, but says he did not mean it that way.
Bosz is not very firm in the saddle near Lyon, due to the persistent moderate results. In conversation with After Foot, Génésio also made a splash. If I had performed at Lyon like Peter Bosz does this season, I would be cut to pieces. He is being spared, you would not have left anything wrong from me, said Boszs predecessor, among other things. Now, Génésio is nuancing his statements.
I did say this, but in a conversation of about an hour and fifteen minutes, the Frenchman tells RMC Sport. I would like to make the following clear: this is in no way a personal attack on the current trainer. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for him.
So in France, Bosz has been the topic of discussion in recent weeks, but Lyon denies that the former trainer of Heracles Almelo, Vitesse and Ajax, among others, is in the kicking seat.