Die Mannschaft premiums on the table: this is what German players earn when they win the World Cup

Germanys players have reached an agreement with the national union regarding the World Cup premiums. The negotiations, which lasted a long time, came to a conclusion on Sunday.
We had intensive discussions in a good and constructive atmosphere. Ultimately, we found a solution acceptable to all parties, said Federal President Bernd Neuendorf, who led the talks. The German World Cup goers were represented by Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich and Ilkay Gündogan.
They agreed to a World Cup premium that was higher than four years ago, when Germany was already stranded in the group phase in Russia. Back then, a World Cup title per player would result in 350,000 euros. For the World Cup in Qatar, that amount has been increased to 400,000 euros for each player.
In the premium schedule, which is based on performance, the internationals receive an amount of 50.00 euro when they win a group. Should the quarterfinal be reached, this would result in 100,000 euros. The semi-final is good for 150,000 euros, and third place means 200,000 euros. At the World Cup in Qatar, Germany is in a pool with Spain, Costa Rica and Japan. The first game, with the Japanese, will be completed on November 23.