Difficulties of smuggling in debut Smuggler Simulator trailer

Not long ago, studio 3T Games announced a realistic whale hunt simulator Essex: The Whale Hunter. And now presented the debut trailer of another project, Smuggler Simulator. Players are promised an adventure in the open world with puzzle elements.

Our protagonist is a smuggler who earns on peoples desire to drag something illegal across the border. All missions are procedurally generated, and thanks to the open world system you can take up any task.

Completely to the will of the players given and the process of implementation of the conceived. At our disposal there will be a whole set of different ways and opportunities, and some of them are shown in the trailer: try to deceive border guards, find a workaround across the border or resort to bribery.

In any case, it is worth carefully studying all the approaches and security systems. About the timing of the release of Smuggler Simulator is not yet known.

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