Digital Foundry compared all DIRT 5 modes on PS5 and Xbox Series XS

Digital Foundry continues to slowly explore the first games for new generation consoles. Today, experts conducted DIRT 5 analysis on PS5 and Xbox Series XS. To study the race is quite interesting, because for each console there are three performance modes at once.

PictureIn this mode, improved detail of the world with increased quality of shadows and shading, as well as an extended range of drawing objects. The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions work in dynamic 4K with a bottom bar of 1440p.

At the same time, the PS5 has increased texture filtering, on average higher resolution and performance on the background of Xbox Series X, which can lose up to 8 frames per second in complex scenes. The Xbox Series S runs in dynamic 1440p, dropping and below 1080p.

On average, it rarely shows anything higher than 1080p. In general, this is the weakest nextgen version – it both looks and works worse than older fellows.

But overall Series S shows good results. At the same time, all versions have a tiring when frames fall.

On the PS5 it is less frequent, but kind of more noticeed. The permissions of this mode of graphics are simplified, but the overall resolution is increased.

Versions for Series X and PS5 are much closer to the native 4K, while the variant for Series S still remains in the area of 1080p. All three consoles in this mode have the best performance โ€” in the vast majority of episodes they work without problems at 60 frames per second.

Graphically, the version for Series S, in addition to simplifying shadows, shading and reducing drawing range, also reduces the detail of the grass. Performance (120 FPS) In this mode on senior consoles, the race runs at a resolution of 900p to 1440p, while the Xbox Series S drops lower – up to 570p.

Its much more surprising that the graphics on the PS5 are much better than on both Xbox models: ranging from car detailing and object geometry to tessellation, textures and grass. The difference is so large that in DF it was considered a bug and reported it to developers.

Comparison graphics in 120 FPS mode between PS5 and Xbox Series X:However, everything is not so unequivocal: on some tracks performance on the PS5 is extremely unstable with drops up to 90 frames per second. Because the console does not support a variable frame rate, these drops feel extremely unpleasant.

On Xbox Series X, its kind of fine here – it keeps 120 FPs. Where is the difference between Xbox Series X and PS5? As once again noted in Digital Foundry, now Microsoft has completely changed the Xbox development environment with the arrival of DirectX 12 Ultimate, where common tools for Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

Part developers did not have time to spend a lot of time and get acquainted with it, whereas the PS5 environment remained almost similar to the PS4. You do not need to retrain.

In addition, it has been reported more than once that Sonys APIs give lower-level access to console resources, whereas the current Microsoft API rather resembles a computer. Digital Foundry Roller.