Digital Foundry compared the updated GTA V for PS5 with versions for PS4 and PC

Digital Foundry specialists compared the recently updated Grand Theft Auto V for PS5 with versions for PS4 and PC at maximum settings. Apparently, GTA V for PS5 was the best available version โ€” so far. But some points could be better.

Specialists noted support for 4K, faster download speeds and improved implementation of support for 60 FPS (the latter is especially noticeable compared to the PC version, where there were some problems). Also on PS5, the game shows smoother animations and temporal smoothing, which significantly reduces noise and flicker.

As for ray tracing, on PS5, it only applies to shadows, which makes them more realistic and helps reduce flicker. It is also reported that the updated GTA V for PS5 is inferior to the PS4 and PC versions in geometry detail, and the work of anisotropic filtering differs little from the previous generation.

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