Digital Foundrys HITMAN 3 test: Xbox Series X bypassed PS5 by resolution

Yesterday, January 20, the release of the stealth action movie HITMAN 3, which experts from Digital Foundry tested on new generation consoles โ€” PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S โ€” to reveal The leading platform. On next-generation consoles, HITMAN 3 produces a stable 60 frames per second, while on last generation consoles the frequency is limited to 30 frames per second, although in previous generations The game series limit FPS could be disabled. The exception was PS4 Pro, where the third part works at 1080p resolution at 60 FPS using frame interpolation.

Despite stable 60 frames per second on new generation consoles, each device achieves this result in different ways. On Series X, the game runs in native 4K (vs.

1440p on Xbox One X). Next comes PS5 – 1800p, and closes the three Series S – 1080p.

Dynamic resolution scaling experts Digital Foundry did not notice. According to the quality of textures Series X and PS5 go level.

On them, the quality of textures corresponds to the maximum setting on the PC. On Series S, the setting was reduced to high.

Shadows on Series S correspond to low PC settings, PS5 – medium (as on One X and PS4 Pro), and on Series X – high. Otherwise, graphics settings on all three new generation consoles Identical.

Finally, the last advantage of playing HITMAN 3 on next-generation consoles is downloads that have become 4 times faster and now take less than 10 seconds. On this measure, the PS5 is slightly ahead of Series X, which in turn narrowly bypassed Series S.

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