Dimitri Payet throws oil on the fire in Neymar affair

Where Neymar was at the centre of the turmoil during Paris Saint-Germain – Olympique Marseille on Sunday evening, a day later on his first outburst of anger, opponent Dimitri Payet throws some extra oil on the fire.

The playmaker of Olympique Marseille, who won 1-0 on a visit to the French national champion, placed a photo on his twitter account on Monday evening with which he publicly handed out a sneer to Neymar.

A photoshopped team photo shows Payets teammate Alvaro Gonzalez holding a dog with Neymars head. Gonzalez was accused of racism by the Brazilian. “The only thing I regret is that I didnt hit him harder”, Neymar fulminated after his red card.

“An organised gang,” wrote Payet with his photograph. “And no, this is not the capital, this is Marseille”, he gave the fans of Paris Saint-Germain a swipe.