Director All Stars: Balancing jokes on the edge

The jokes in the new football series All Stars often balance on the edge. Thats what director Jean van de Velde says in the NRC, who is no stranger to cautious jokes.

“They rarely work,” says Van de Velde. “You have to hang in something with your leg stretched out. Id rather shoot out of the corner than brake a quarter of an hour before the corner. You get away with it because the viewer knows that the boys have a good heart despite their clumsy comments. And because the viewer knows that in the end the fraternization always waits

According to Van de Velde that also worked twenty years ago. Thats when the Swift Boys, the team of friends at the heart of All Stars, first became known. “I firmly believe that you can make people look in the mirror with a smile and hopefully encourage them to think a little more nuanced about certain subjects”, says the director.