DIRT 5 showed a failed start on Steam โ€” worse than all parts of the series

DIRT 5, judging by the open information, started extremely sad. On Steam, the arcade shows not just a depressing peak online, but the worst in the history of the series. In the first 10 days after the release, the peak was only 824 people, and over the past time daily online has only decreased.

In the last 24 hours, it hasn‘t exceeded even 243 people โ€” that’s less than right now for both DiRT Rally, DiRT 4 and even DiRT 3. Peak DiRT Dirt 3 results โ€” 40,832 DiRT Rally players โ€” 20,343 DiRT Showdown players โ€” 6,360 DiRT players 4 โ€” 4,396 DiRT Rally 2.

0 players โ€” 3,387 DiRT 2 players โ€” 1832 players DIRT 5 โ€” 824 playerWhy the race got so cold reception is a mystery. Judging by the British charts, we are talking not only about the PC version, which is scolded for technical execution, but also about console options.

Already in its second week, the arcade left the top 40. In general, DIRT 5 itself is praised, although some were dissatisfied with its arcade, but especially for such players Codemasters develops hardcore Dirt Rally.

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