Disappointed Alexander Albon: ‘I will not lie, this hurts. ‘

Red Bull Racing announced this week that Max Verstappen will have Sergio Pรฉrez as a teammate next season. This leads to the fact that in 2021 there will be no place for Alexander Albon in Formula One and that is a sensitive tick for him.

โ€œ I‘m not going to lie about it, this hurts,โ€ says the Thai driver in an Instagram post. โ€œI gave everything during this season, but it wasn’t good enough.โ€ Albon finished third in a Grand Prix twice this year and finished in seventh place with 105 points in the stand. That‘s not half the points Verstappen managed to race together.

Yet Albon remains combative. โ€œI’m not giving up. I‘ve plunged into this adventure and have no intention of stopping now. There’s more I have to offer. That is why I will do everything I can to return in 2022 and make the Thai flags shine.โ€

โ€œ I would like to thank all supporters, and especially my fans from Thailand,โ€ he says. โ€œIn the midst of all the opinions that were going around, you were always there to drag me through it.โ€