Disappointment and reproaches about leaks after leaving Former President Arib

Former and current MPs react shocked to the departure of former President Arib from the House of Representatives. Arib, who was in the House of Representatives for a total of 24 years, saw many of them come and go and was for many parliamentarians the Prime Minister they experienced.

PvdA party leader Attje Kuiken, one of the MPs who saw Arib coming new to the House 15 years ago, says she was completely overwhelmed by the departure of the PvdA Nestor. โ€œIt hurts me personally and the PvdA group as a whole a lot.โ€

A reproach that echoes to the PvdA group in Aribs farewell letter is that her party members did not sign a letter demanding clarification from current President Bergkamp about the investigation that the presidency of the House has initiated. Kuiken says that did not happen because โ€œwe thought it was stronger and purer if other groups raised thisโ€.

However, Kuiken does say that the PvdA group has informed Arib and the signatories of the letter that they support the content. โ€œIt remains very important that this case is investigated to the bottom and reported the leakage of confidential information.โ€

Signatories respond sadly

PVV leader Wilders writes in a response that, as far as he is concerned, Bergkamp and the presidency have failed. โ€œThey are not about MPs, did not inform Arib in time, talked about her behind her back and they may have leaked from among them. Outrageous,โ€ he writes. The accusation for leaks stems from the fact that NRC knew about the external investigation into Arib earlier than Arib himself.

SP MP Leijten, one of the authors of the letter with the ultimatum to Bergkamp, is also leaking. โ€œAnonymous leakage leads to the resignation of the former President of Parliament,โ€ she writes. โ€œThank you Khadija, especially your work, your strong leadership and your unconditional support.โ€ Co-signer Van der Plas (BBB) also finds it โ€œincredibly sadโ€. โ€œThis should never have happened like this.โ€

JA21 MP Pouw Verweij, who also demanded clarification before 1pm on Monday, speaks of โ€œa very big loss for the corona committee and politics as a whole. How incredibly sad and what a disappointment in the functioning of us as a House of Representatives.โ€

Signer Pieter Omtzigt also responds to Aribs departure. โ€œA lot of respect for your work and the way you defended the House as an institution: thank you for that. And what a blatant lack of care in our Chamber.โ€ He calls her a sincere colleague who stands up for her ideals and says hes going to miss her.

Bergkamp is not responding yet

President of Parliament Vera Bergkamp has not responded yet. The presidency, the day-to-day administration of the House of Representatives of which Bergkamp is chairman, will come forward with a response tomorrow.

Other parties are also sadly saying goodbye to Arib. Klaver (GroenLinks) calls her an inspiration whose contribution to democracy is difficult to underestimate. Segers (CU) speaks of a sad decision. โ€œI have no idea what happened behind the scenes, but I do know that Ive always been able to work well with Khadija.โ€

Among the former MPs who react defeated to Aribs resignation, PvdA prominent is Lodewijk Asscher. He calls it after them โ€œsuch a shameโ€. โ€œYou were already sorely missed as chairman, but it is a sad prospect that you will no longer represent me as a Member of Parliament. You remain an example.โ€

Frans Weisglas (VVD), who previously used the hammer in the House of Representatives, finds it a shock and sad that his โ€œgreat successorโ€ has to leave the House in this way after 24 years. โ€œHer worthy statement says everything about her.โ€