Disbelief in Hungary: “Almost every player worth more than our entire selection”

For Hungary, after the EC matches against France, Germany and Portugal, another tough task awaits. The country was linked to Italy, Germany and England during the Nations League draw. National coach Marco Rossi can‘t believe it.
The European champion, the losing finalist and Germany. A terribly difficult group, Rossi says via the website of the Hungarian Football Association. The country managed to fight against the better opponents on paper at the European Championships, but got the lid on the nose in the final group match against Germany in the 84th minute.
Rossi wants his players to play with the same attitude as in the past European Championship. We are again the weakest brother in the group, but at the European Championships we did not give up and fight. We’
re going to do that again now. Almost every player from those teams is worth more than our entire roster, but we know them well and take the fight.