Disciplinary Committee examines Gerard Pique after interview: ’85 percent arbitrators are for Real’

It is expected that Gerard Pique will return from a knee injury near Barcelona in the foreseeable future. The question is, however, whether trainer Ronald Koeman can draw up immediately.

The Spanish Disciplinary Committee has started an investigation into the defender. Although he hasn‘t played a duel since the end of November, he has been compromised thanks to an interview with the YouTube Mario Alfonso (DJ Mario).

In this conversation, Pique stated that the majority of the referees of the archrival Barcelona are very keen. A former referee said that 85 percent of the referees are for Real Madrid. Then how do you avoid giving Madrid the advantage all the time? Even if they do their best, they will unconsciously be more to them than to the opponent. I know a lot of referees and they really do their best, but how do they deal with it when there is a doubt?

Later, Pique gave only examples. For example, he found that Real Madrid was greatly helped in the title hunt last year. Some decisions are among the most outrageous things I’ve seen in my life.

Should there be a suspension for Pique, that would be a big line through the bill for Koeman. After all, the mandekker has just returned to the training complex, as he made it clear through social media. Moreover, his fellow defenders Sergi Roberto and Raul Araujo are not fit at the moment either.

By the way, Pique is not the only one investigated by the Spanish Disciplinary Committee because of his comments. The same goes for Manuel Vizcaino Fernandez. After the 4-1 defeat against Real Sociedad on Sunday, the president of Cadiz sent an open letter to bond, calling for the VAR to be repaired. Earlier this season, Cadiz trainer Alvaro Cervera already held a suspension of four games after criticism of the arbitration.