Disciplinary proceedings Turnscandal provisionally shut down after complaints about interview reports

Several disciplinary investigations into the abuse of power by turntrainers have been shut down by the Institute Sportrechtspraak (ISR). The institute has the testimonies of three gymnasts reviewed and evaluated after the three gymnasts complained not to recognize themselves in the interview reports.

Also, transcriptions in an already completed study are reviewed again due to possible inaccuracies in the display.

Reports of three former top gymnasts

Three former top gymnasts, including Stephanie Tijmes and Petra Witjes, and a mother of a nine-year-old gymnast have done their story at the ISR about abuses in the gym. However, they did not agree with the discussion report drawn up by the ISR.

On the basis of that report, the charge is formulated towards a trainer. According to a mother, conversation reports have been delivered wrong or incomplete and her daughter would have been dealt with blunt during the interrogation.

According to Tijmes, the information in the report of her conversation is โ€œnot complete and erroneousโ€. โ€œThats bad. My essence of cross-border behaviour has not been clear. Were not supposed to be a victim again, it just needs to be good.โ€

Witjes also argues that the conversation reports contain many inaccuracies and carelessness. In addition, she makes critical remarks about the discussion techniques and methodologies of the researchers. โ€œAssumptions, own interpretations, bias and victimblaming (blaming the victims, save. )โ€, explains Witjes. โ€œIts nice that the ISR has listened to us, but the problem is bigger than just the complaints that lie now.โ€

The ISR now has the recordings of the conversations reviewed and the reports checked for inaccuracies and inaccuracies. An independent researcher will examine the statements.

Apologies for procedural errors

If the criticisms of the reporters are justified, the existing reports may be supplemented or redrafted. Tijmes has already received an apology from the ISR for the procedural errors.

Board member Peter Vogelzang calls shutting down things โ€œvery annoyingโ€ for the gymnasts, โ€œbecause they are once again confronted with the nasty things of the pastโ€. He expects the disciplinary cases to be delayed by about a month.

Vogelzang also does not exclude that the reports of a few more reports have to be reassessed.

Last month, DeccEit revealed that the ISR is struggling with the large amount of reports that came to the institute after the turnout scandal was rolled in the summer. Vogelzang acknowledged that the course of events did not go optimally.

โ€œ They are very real complaints,โ€ he said in December, when the mother revealed her complaints about the action of the ISR.

โ€œ There is still something to be set in motion to improve that. This does not mean that the broom has to be carried out by the staff, but rather that they need to be better trained in order to manage harassment cases. Also that we go through complaints well, discuss it and not polish it awayโ€, says Vogelzang.

The ISR is investigating the abuse of power of 25 turntrainers. The four reports of former gymnasts and the mother who complained about the report are about several trainers.