Disco Elysium: The Final Cut authors have promised to fix console versions

The version of The Final Cut for the cult sensation of the year before last, the Disco Elysium role-playing game, was designed to improve the game in every way. But these expectations have not quite met: owners of console versions complain about bugs, departures and loss of saves. Developers from ZA/UM have already released update 1.

2 for PlayStation 4. However, it did not cope with all the problems.

And now the studio is preparing a 1. 3 patch that should fix critical bugs, improve control from the controller, save saves and teach Kim to better navigate the space.

The studio has admitted its guilt in an abundance of trouble. But so far she can not name the date of the release of an important update: work on it continues.

Perhaps all the fault is the curse of the Trade Zone, where doomed dreams come to light and find peace for any beginnings. Or the invasion of the apocalypse into localized space or something else that might surprise Tequila Sunset is to blame for everything.

Or all this because of Abigail. Or just blame us.

Because that is our fault, it‘s true. All of us are just people dreaming of more, and not always these dreams come to life in the way we hope.

But we’re still going to try, time after time, until it turns out right. And everything will turn out.

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