Discord updated logo and fonts โ€” players are unhappy

Discord has updated its own logo, but the players were dissatisfied – in their opinion, the company went about trends and largely lost its personality with the updated โ€œview& raquo; . Top old logo. From the bottom is new.

However, platform users immediately began scoffing at the new design, calling it the work of a dilettante. In social networks and forums, various photo toads are already painting at all.

Others note that Discord is increasingly beginning to resemble a โ€œcorporate sheepโ€ – many miss memes and vampuses (a step-mother based on the classic game). Resentment of the companys policy is expressed and picturesMany rebrands go through the primary negative reaction, which gradually goes to naught and people get used to the new – often them its just hard to immediately accept something else.

Surely the same thing will happen with the Discord redesign. More on Gambling Players WoW Classic outraged the price of cloning, and Blizzard reduced the Zombie Virus Outbreak and Vegas in the first 15 minutes of โ€œArmy of the Deadโ€ media: growth Disney+ audience slowed and failed to meet analysts expectations.