Discussion about Ajax-penalty: How is that possible? Gosens had the ball!โ€

Playing unconvincingly, but with a 0-2 lead, Ajax sits on roses against Atalanta Bergamo after 45 minutes. The 0-1 of Dusan Tadic fell after a penalty, which was fiercely disputed on social media. A few of the reactions:

– Right penalty kick? #veronicainside #UCL #ATAAJA pic.twitter.com/96BV66e7pm
โ€” Veronica Inside (@veronicainside) October 27, 2020

Not a smart defensive play by Gosens leads to a penalty for Ajax and they take a 1-0 lead. #UCL.
โ€” Tifosi Time (@TifosiTime) October 27, 2020

PENALTY FOR AJAX! Tagliafico guides the ball into the area and Gosens high boot gets to the ball before Traore. The referee points to the spot, but it looks very contentious. #AtalantaAjax #ATAAJA
โ€” Atalanta vs Ajax #AtalantaAjax #ATAAJA (@AtalantavAjax) October 27, 2020

Completely undeserved lead by Ajax, Atlanta is far superior but got unlucky with a penalty. Think Atalanta will turn it around #ataaja
โ€” Robin (@RSBowi) October 27, 2020

I didnt like this penalty #ataaja #ajaxWel 0-1.
โ€” Rut (@maximaxi27) October 27, 2020

Crazy how the penalty completely changed the tide of this match for Ajax. Gamestate is a helluva drug
โ€” Kees van Hemmen (@HemmenKees) October 27, 2020

Cant have your foot up that high inside your own box when defending. Unfortunate but cant really complain. Penalty for Ajax, which is converted 1-0 Ajax
โ€” Graeme (@Graeme1897) October 27, 2020

No indeed, that penalty of #PSV was certainly not there on Sunday and that of #Ajax now certainly did… Shoot me leak! #vitpsv #AtalantaAjax
โ€” JanKees van der Wal (@JanKeesvdWal) October 27, 2020

How is that a Ajax penalty?? Gosens got the ball
โ€” Spursd22 (@SpursD22) October 27, 2020

Look at the Penalty for Ajax, makes no sense to give that. Whats going on in soccer these days
โ€” D.G (@MasiaGuru) October 27, 2020

Disputable penalty, great to get a doubt case too! #ajax
โ€” Mats Raijmakers (@MatsRaijmakers) October 27, 2020

Theyre very lucky again. Now the media will make it a phenomenal Ajax. But up to that lucky penalty, they werent in the game.
โ€” Iceman (@giceman11) October 27, 2020

Against the ratio in front of standing is also fun! #ataaja
โ€” Bart Sanders (@bart_sanders) October 27, 2020