Discussion about nasty Cil lessons at Studio Voetbal: I think its very uncollegial

Rafael van der Vaart is not a fan of Jasper Cillessen, to say the least. The former Dutch international calls Cillessen ‘a bad man’ and is not pleased with his interviews. However, Pierre van Hooijdonk makes a different sound.
Cillessen is discussed at Studio Voetbal. Van der Vaart talks about the goalkeeper and points to a recent interview, in which Cillessen says he is the only one of the Dutch goalkeepers with tournament experience. โ€œI know him a bit, I‘ve seen him with the Dutch national team a few times. And do you know what it is? To be honest, he’s just a bit of a bad manโ€, Van der Vaart is clear. โ€œThat interview he gave and said: I‘m the only one with tournament experience. He does that very smartly, but I think it’s very uncollegial.โ€
โ€œAt the moment, Pasveer is the one who is best. He is indirectly trying to earn his place in the Dutch national team,โ€ Van der Vaart continues. โ€œI think Cillessen is a very good goalkeeper and if he is in shape, he has a good chance of becoming a first goalkeeper. But somewhere he has something bad, I don‘t think he’s a team player.โ€
Van Hooijdonk does not agree with his colleague‘s opinion. โ€œI hate it more when Cillessen says things that aren’t true. We had a discussion about the goalkeepers. But don‘t you also feel that the media’s favor factor lies entirely with Pasveer? I think so, yes. His age also provides the gun factor, but the most important thing about it is that he is Ajax‘s goalkeeper.โ€
โ€œI understand Cillessen very well. He also feels the forces of the difference in being a goalkeeper from Ajax or NEC. I get that he’
s not going to be completely honest in the media that match. He can say those things too,โ€ concludes Van Hooijdonk.