Discussion of coronavirus extremism in Germany hardens after face mask murder

In Germany, in the run-up to the elections, the debate has emerged on how to deal with opponents of the corona measures. That happened after the murder of an employee at a gas station in Idar-Oberstein near Luxembourg.

When he addressed a customer to the mandatory mouth mask, the customer left angrily. An hour and a half later, the 49-year-old man returned with a firearm and shot the 20-year-old employee in the head. The incident led to horror in Germany.

German Health Minister Spahn has called for action against hatred in his country. He spoke of a cold-blooded murder, partly caused by the social media moodmaking. โ€œActions eventually arise from words.โ€

Other politicians expressed themselves in similar terms. According to the police, there is a new kind of conspiracy tremism, which can be directly linked to corona.

IT man

The customer fled after his act but could be apprehended after a manhunt. He allegedly said in his arrest that he rejects coronavirus measures. He would work as an IT worker and have no criminal record. According to the police, the man acted alone and not in the name of an organization.

Spahn (CDU) pointed out today in Berlin that Germany should say no to any kind of pandemic extremism. โ€œAfter eighteen months of hard work for society, tensions should not lead to fission,โ€ he said, referring to the beginning of the corona crisis.

Spahn referred to the Internet and social media, where suspicion about how to deal with the corona crisis gets plenty of room. โ€œThe question is, what are the circumstances in which this crime can arise,โ€ he wondered, adding: โ€œThis has a lot to do with the exhortation, the hate on social media.โ€

All political parties have expressed horror at the death of 20-year-old Alex. There are elections in Germany for the Bundestag on Sunday, but it does not seem that the incident in Idar-Oberstein has a major impact on electoral preference.