Discussion of major government mistakes: whats going on?

These days, there is a lot of talk about big mistakes by the government. The question is even whether the government should stop because of those mistakes. They call it the resignation of the Cabinet.

Some politicians believe that after such great mistakes, the government should no longer stay. In the video above you can see 3 questions about this.

Politicians will talk tomorrow about whether the government can stay or not. Politician Lodewijk Asscher announced today that he will stop as leader of the political party PvdA. He was a minister when the mistakes were made in the Tax Administration, and he gets a lot of criticism. After the elections in March, he will not return to the House of Representatives, he says.

Money Problems

Because of the errors in the Tax Administration, many families had money problems. Children also noticed that. Like Rafen from 14. Earlier, he told us about it in the Youth Journal: